Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eireland's Garden

Eireland had a wonderful birthday. She got many wonderful gifts, and I must say that her favorite gift was her PINK gardening gloves! (Thank you grandma, grandma!) She also got gardening tools, an apron and a kit to make her own gardening stepping stones. (Thank you Aunt Jenna, Uncle Matt and cousin Silas!) She is SOOOO excited because her seeds that she planted recently should be popping up soon. She is counting down the days and she is looking every day! EVERY DAY! She waters them and she cannot wait to plant them in the ground.

On Tuesday night we will be planting carrots and the first round of corn. I realized that you need to plant corn in stages...otherwise ALL of your corn will be ready at one time and then...pun intended...you will have corn coming out your ears. Anyhow, so we are working slowly and we need to get ourselves in gear, hopefully after Wednesday I will have the afternoons and evenings off for a week and a half because VVC will be on Spring Break, so, we will be planting and transplanting! (FINGERS CROSSED!) She is SO excited!

Other than that, that is all of the progress that we have made on the garden. I HAVE tried several new organic and natural products. ALSO, I have new websites that I would like to promote as well! HOWEVER, I don’t have time! LOL! Welcome to the life of a busy mama! I think that later on tonight I will have some time once the kids get in bed! So stay tuned!

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  1. I swear I posted a comment in here last night! Anyway...I can't wait to see pictures of everything!!!