Friday, April 2, 2010


We started our planting yesterday! (pics to come soon!) First, we mixed our organic potting soil that we bought at the .99 store with the Grounds For Your Garden from Starbucks! Then, Eireland and I cut down out plastic cups from Starbucks and our plastic water bottles that we had saved and planted lettuce and peas! They are now in our window just getting some sun.  Eireland checked them this morning and quickly informed me "They are NOT growing." So then, we checked the back of the packages and figured out how many days it will take for them to poke through the soil. We learned a new word...Germination!   She seemed to accept that answer.  Here is the dates for our first planted seeds!

Seed:                          Date Planted:                  Days to Germination:  
Peas (Set 1)                April 1                            7-14   (April 7-14)
Lettuce (Set 1)           April 1                            7-10   (April 7-10)
Peas (Set 2)                April 2                            7-14   (April 8-15)
Lettuce (Set 2)           April 2                            7-10   (April 8-11)
Honey Dew (Set 1)    April 2                            7-10   (April 8-11)

Today, we planted a different kind of lettuce, Honey Dew mellons, and more peas!

Also, today I worked the dirt a bit more, and REALLY worked the soil where the carrots are going to be.  We need to make sure that the soil underneath the carrots is very soft and worked 18 inches deep.  This way the carrots can grow nice and straight.  I also worked in the Grounds For Your Garden into the area that we will grow the carrots.  Carrots will most likely be planted tomorrow!

I will be updating later on with photos of yesterday and today's adventures! Later on this evening I will be blogging about Cliff Bars! YUM! And some more wonderful Organic snacks that I have tested and tried! I will also be doing a website review on! A fantastic website!

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