Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gardening Day 2

So I finished up the digging up of the garden! Man, that is some HARD work.  I had to spray it all down again and keep digging.  I had about 8 feet left to dig up.  Tristan was right there in the mix helping me out! (I think he was only there becuase it was muddy, and he wanted to play in the dirt, but none the less, here was there with his shovel!) And Eireland helped out too.  She liked breaking up the dirt chunks with her shovel and infomred me that for her birthday party (***Anyone coming to her birthday party, here is a hint as to what she would like***) she would like some very nice gardening gloves so that she could help plant.


It was great fun.  A lot of work, and the above picture makes me look haggered, but I FELT haggered after all of this hard work! I was sweating like crazy too! I think I lost 3 lbs while I was out there digging. Anyhow, This all happened Friday, and it is now Sunday night.  Tomorrow I will be going to pick up coffee grounds from Starbucks so I can start to get the ground ready! This week, I will just sped getting the soil ready and later on in the week, I would think Friday I will be putting the fence up and I will begin planting! :) Tomorrow during work, I will be sketching how I would like to set the garden up! I will share the sketch with you...that is all for now...I leave you with a photo of the finished product on the end of day 2!



  1. Looks like a lot of work girl!! I am sure you lost at least 3 pounds working in all of that! I cannot wait to see how things progress!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Hope! :) Something like that!