Friday, March 26, 2010

My white T is green!

I purchased a t-shirt once made of 100% organic cotton, it was white and the saying (In green letters) MY WHITE T IS GREEN! That was the truth, it was. This t-shirt, although I no longer own it, was the most comfortable shirt I owned, and perhaps the first organic thing I purchased on purpose. Thus, the title of my blog! :)

Recently I decided that I wanted to do things more naturally in my life, and also in the life of my children. I did not necessarily want to go 100% organic, but I wanted things to be healthier, more natural, and yes, even perhaps organic. Its a journey to becoming more eco-friendly as well! I admit, I am sure I will still eat fast food, as will my kids and my husband too, but there will be WAY less of it! Yes, I am sure that my kids will still come in contact with *gasp* high fructose corn syrup! But again, there will be WAY less of it consumed. That is if I can help it.

This is not a change that is going to take place overnight, not at all. It will be gradual and by doing that I am sure that Steven will not even notice. Since he is 100% against this and thinks I am NUTS! I am just trying to be more conscious of the things that I use, and do and consume on a constant basis. This is a journey and a learning process! I invite you to join me and come along! Feel free, to follow me and celebrate my success with me and even my failures! I welcome and invite your comments, ideas and suggestions!

I am not sure where this blog will take me...I plan on posting websites, tips, ideas, things I have learned and so on here as well! :) Perhaps product reviews and so on...I am open to anything!

So come on! join me on this new adventure that is taking off for me! First up...planting a garden!

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